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Vertical Twin Screw Pump

Roto Pumps are one of the leading manufacturers of the Vertical Twin Screw Pumps. These pumps are available in both external and internal bearing configurations. Vertical Twin-Screw Pumps can effectively handle liquids with high temperatures of up to 3500C/6600F. These pumps are also available steam jacketing configuration. The option of electrical/steam tracing is also possible.

Mechanical seals and gland packing options are also available as per the industry’s demands. The API 682 types of seals are also available. These pumps are specially devised with relief valves for 100% bypass. The suction and discharge ports of these pumps are in-line.

The casing is made with cast iron, cast steel, fabricated steel, and fabricated stainless steel. The timing gears are made of hardened steel while the screws are made of alloy steel or stainless steel. The accessories available with these pumps are:

1. Gauges (Pressure, Vacuum, and Differential): These devices are necessary for the system that demands continuous monitoring. Many factors such as process, environment, accuracy, dial size, connection, and mounting need to be considered before choosing the gauge.

2. Relief Valves: These valves are usually closed and provide system control benefits and relief from excess pressure from closed-top containers.

3. Strainers: These accessories protect the pumps from dust, foreign elements, and clumps that can damage the fluids or the pumps.

The Vertical Twin Screw Pumps cater to various industries such as oil and gas, marine, steel, power etc.

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