Roto Pumps offers specially designed pumps that optimize all applications related to biogas production. This includes feeding highly viscous bio-waste slurry to fermentation tanks, recirculation of fermentation tank slurry and feeding the slurry to digestate storage tanks, mixing of bio-waste with the digestate slurry and also the transfer of digestate.

Features :-
  • Low downtime in replacing the Stator, Rotator & Joint Parts
  • Xtra Value Carden Joint
  • Inspection window on both sides
  • No Special Tools required
  • No need to dismantle suction & delivery pipelines
  • Installed Roto PC Pump can be converted easily to Roto Kwik
  • No need for extra dismantle space

Designed for performance & reliability 500+ biogas feed pumps installed sUccessfully

Horizontal RB Series

Flow: upto 250 m3/hr
Pressure: upto 12 bar
Application: Biomix feed • Press separator • Pasteurised biomass • Condensed substrate

Horizontal RM Series

Flow: upto 250 m3/hr
Pressure: upto 12 bar
Application: Digestate feed • Cow dung slurry transfer • Liquid manure • Slaughter waste

Vertical VB Series

Flow: upto 250 m3/hr
Pressure: upto 12 bar
Application: Transfer of organic manure from open lagoon

Green Energy for Greener Tommorrow

Biogas is the ideal energy solution for today's world. It provides clean fuel to to meet demands, reduces load on the local power grid and also produces organic manure for farming as a by-product.

Since biogas production utilizes bio waste, pasteurized biomass, condensed substrate, digestate feed and slaughter house waste; it also significantaly reduces water and land waste.

Biogas Production

  • Bio-Mix pump is used to mix and transfer slurry made of Macerated bio-waste and digestate liquid into fermentation
  • In an oxygen free environment inside fermentation tanks; micro organism transform organic matter into methane rich biogas and carbon-dioxide through a process called anaaerobic digestion
  • A progressive cavity pump is used to circulate the sludge heat exchangers to maintane sludge temperature. This ensures that anaerobic bacteria remains intact inside fermentation tank.
  • After fermentation, the resulting digestate slurry is transferred by biomasspump to open lagoons/storage tanks.
  • Finally, progressive cavity pump is used for filling the organic manure into tankers
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