Helical Rotor Positive Displacement Pump

Helical Rotor Positive Displacement Pump are designed to pump ‘tough – to – handle’ fluids with ease in varied industries. The construction of these pumps is based on the modular concept and comprises of next generation pumping elements i.e. Rotor, Stator, Solid Shaft and Double Sealed Cardan Universal Joints for improved performance and longer service life.

These pumps are available in the bare shaft and close-coupled configuration. Selected pump sizes are available with 6 stages and 8 stages. Options also available with different material grades and shaft sealing.

These Heavy Duty cost effective pumps use the extended Rotor, Stator Geometry and results in lower rubbing velocities which are ideal for various applications.

Capacity: up to 2100 LPM
Head: up to 240 m




Improved Rotor-Stator geometry minimises wear due to lower rubbing velocities as compared to conventional geometry, particularly useful in abrasive applications



Facilitates easier entry for fluid Improves suction capability



The Cardan type universal joint used in this pump is acknowledged to be far superior to the conventional gear joint or single pin & bush joint which is subjected to extreme concentrated loads, resulting in high wear rates



Motor lantern is designed to accommodate various construction of drives, reduces the overall length and leads to ease of maintenance

Wettable Housing Parts: Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Cast Stainless Steel, Fabricated Steel

and Stainless Steel

Rotor: Case Hardened Steel, Alloy Steel HCP, Stainless Steel UP/HCP

Stator: Natural, Nitrile, High Nitrile, EPDM, Chiaro Sulphonated Rubber, Fluoroelastomer

Coupling Rod:  Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

Shaft : Alloy Steel HCP, Stainless Steel UP/HCP, Shaft Sleeve Optional

Legend :

HCP: Hard Chrome Plated              UP: Unplated

  • Low NPSHR ensures excellent suction lift capability Non-Clogging can easily handle entrained air or solids
  • Lower operating speed ensures less wear and longer life in abrasive applications
  • Roto Pumps are self-priming pumps and are shore mounted – eliminating the need for dangerous floating pontoons or walkways
  • Uniform steady flow with little to no pulsation
  • Flow is proportionate to speed which can help to achieve variable capacities as per application requirement
  • Constant flow rates regardless of varying pressures­ application rates are kept constant
  • Achieves required pressure independent of speed
  • Reversible, can be operated in either direction depending on installation – can be used for load out and filling
  • Dairy effluent pumping
  • Green water pumping
  • Raw effluent pumping
  • Animal effluent pumping
  • Dirty water with sand, silt and algae
  • Molasses transfer
  • Dry run protection
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • High & low pressure cut-out
  • Motor overload protection

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