Research & Development

Research and development capabilities are one of the key differentiators that help Roto Pumps to maintain its leadership position in the market.Our world class R&D team keeps upgrading the existing product range to enhance efficiency and reliability, develop high end customized solutions, innovate new technologies, and reduce the life cycle cost of our products.

We are proud to be an organization recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) of the Government of India for its research and development capabilities.

In-house Captive Elastomer Manufacturing Unit
Our pioneering efforts to manufacture world’s best stators are an outcome of superior mould designing. In-house compound making and special formulations, ensures production of high quality stators with Zero leakage at low torque and exceptionally long service life. All the processes from research about the shrinkage behaviour of compounds to designing to vulcanization of stators; exemplify our insistence on excellence and self-reliance and are conducted in house by our team of experts

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